Ionix® Supreme

A nutrient-rich botanical concentrate designed to balance your body and help it to manage the effects of physical, environmental and life stress.
  • Values & Benefits

    Combat Stress

    Ionix Supreme combines Adaptogens, antioxidants and nutrients to help strengthen the body’s ability to fight the effects of stress to promote better recovery, focus and overall energy.

    Elevate Daily Performance

    Natural botanicals help support better mental and physical performance.

    Proprietary Formula

    Made with quality ingredients tested for potency and purity and produced by experts using a proprietary brewing process to help preserve ingredient benefits.

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  • What makes Ionix Supreme unique?
  • How is Ionix Supreme different than the other rejuvenating drinks available on the market today?
  • What are Adaptogens and why are they important?
  • What are antioxidants and why are they important?


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